Bush Kindy

 Our Bush Kindy program is currently being run three days per week. This style of program (known as Nature or Forest Kindergartens in other parts of the world) has been in practice for around 50 years, primarily in Scandinavian countries. There are very few child care providers providing this service within Australia but the Bright Start team sees enormous benefits, in regards to children’s learning, decision making, creativity, self expression, collaboration and resilience that can only be developed through this style of program. 




 Bush Kindy makes a natural connection between our educational philosophy at Bright Start Preschool and the promotion of sustainability at our centre. It will enable the children to connect, through play with the space and their land in a way that cannot be done under a roof or within walls. Teachers will support children as they take risks and face challenges essential to well rounded learning. Our centre is well known for our sustainability initiatives and our engaging outdoor play area, we see this program as a natural extension of this. 




 Each day 10 children and accompanying staff set out on their adventure, walking the short distance from the Preschool to the local bush-land.  The children then spend several hours exploring, playing imaginative games, building structures, drawing, climbing and reflecting. Rain or shine, the children are engaged in the natural environment and reaping the rewards of spending time in the great outdoors.